Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Ford’s neglect of auto-sector puts workers, families and sector at-risk

Published on August 18, 2018

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Windsor West NDP MPP, Lisa Gretzky, blasted Ford’s Conservatives in question period for failing to adequately protect Ontario’s at-risk automotive industry, especially in light of the tense political climate that threatens to introduce tariffs in the sector. 

“Auto and manufacturing jobs are integral to Windsor’s economy,” Gretzky said. “Our entire community, and many others like it, depend on the health and growth of the sector. Yet there was not one mention of the automotive sector in Doug Ford’s so-called Plan for the People - which doesn’t appear to be for the people of Windsor and other auto cities.”

During the most recent provincial election, the Conservatives said they would cut the Jobs and Prosperity Fund, which provides millions of dollars of necessary investments in our auto sector. Three days ago, Ford fired Ontario’s trade representative in Washington without any mention of plans to fill the role. At a time of great uncertainty about the trade relationship between Canada and the United States, Gretzky expressed concern about the Ford government’s intentions for this week’s NAFTA meeting. 

“In the last three weeks, this government has operated almost exclusively by making backroom deals that favour their insiders, friends and lobbyists, all at the expense of workers and families. They’ve also just fired Ontario’s trade representative to Washington,” Gretzky said.

In light of President Trump’s threats to introduce new tariffs on the automotive sector, Gretzky demanded to know about the Conservatives’ plan for the industry.

“With no commitment to an auto strategy, no plan for investment, and no trade representative, how can Ontarians possibly trust that this Conservative government will stand up for our auto sector?”