Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Gretzky continues to push for anti-scab legislation and for striking Windsor Salt workers

Published on April 26, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – During Question Period this morning, Ontario NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky (Windsor West) urged the Ford Conservatives to support the Windsor Salt workers, who have been on strike for over nine weeks – and to pass the NDP’s proposed anti-scab legislation that protects workers and good unionized jobs.  

“Windsor Salt workers from Unifor Locals 240 and 1959 are continuing to fight for job security against the outsourcing of their jobs by an American hedge fund company,” said Gretzky. “Even the table salt we have in the kitchen and dining room here at Queen’s Park are produced by these workers. 

Windsor Salt workers want to know, what has the Premier done to support them during the strike and stop the outsourcing of their jobs?” 

NDP MPPs Jamie West (Sudbury), Jennifer French (Oshawa), and France Gelinas (Nickel Belt) joined Gretzky in March to table Bill 90 – Anti Scab Labour Act, 2023 to restore labour provisions scrapped by the Conservatives that will prevent employers from replacing striking or locked-out workers with replacement workers unless in an emergency. This Bill was re-introduced for the 16th time in March, when Gretzky was joined by the Windsor Salt Workers calling for action from the government.  

“Will the government tell these workers today if they will vote in favour of our bill and support these striking workers?” Gretzky asked.