Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

People in Windsor still waiting for Ford government to protect auto workers: NDP

Published on January 28, 2020

WINDSOR — Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky has released a statement in response to the Ford government’s re-announcement of support for hands-on learning opportunities in the auto sector:

“While Doug Ford continues to waste time re-announcing existing funding, people in Windsor continue to wait for Ford’s government to stop sitting on its hands and show it actually cares about local workers and the future of the auto and manufacturing industry.

Since Ford’s so-called ‘auto policy’ was released, Ontarians have seen nothing but job losses in auto and manufacturing. In Windsor, 1,500 workers on Chrysler’s third shift stand to lose their jobs, and 270 workers at Nemak will be out of work when the plant closes. Thousands more in our community employed in spin-off jobs will also undoubtedly be impacted.

While the community of Windsor reeled from this news, Premier Ford did not once reach out to local union leaders — who represent the workers — to offer his help, despite repeated requests from workers, unions and myself.

Just across the river in Detroit, auto companies like GM are making huge investments and creating thousands of good-paying jobs. Yet Doug Ford continues to sit back and wave goodbye to good Ontario jobs. Today’s re-announcement is much too little, and far too late. As we have done for years, the NDP will continue to call for a comprehensive Auto and Manufacturing Strategy that actually protects and grows the automotive industry here in Windsor, and across Ontario.”