Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Pandemic Pay: Fairness for Frontline Workers

The $4 Pandemic Pay top up is welcome, but it’s weeks late, and still leaves out a lot of essential workers. Tell the government to expand the list, and make it retroactive to the beginning of the State of Emergency:

Our frontline workers, whether in long-term care facilities or hospital kitchens, have done extraordinary work since the beginning of this state of emergency. They have put their health and safety at risk for the well-being of our communities. It’s wrong that it took so long for this small wage top up to arrive, and far too many workers are excluded by the current plan.

We are calling on the Ontario Government to immediately:

  • Expand this additional pay to include the many frontline workers (such as paramedics and other first responders, those transferring patients, public health nurses, social service providers, childcare providers, transit workers, essential retail workers and many more) that have put the needs of of the community first.
  • Make this additional pay retroactive to the day the State of Emergency was declared, so that people‘s sacrifice and hard work to keep us all safe is recognized.

Add your name to demand a wage top up for all frontline workers!

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