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Ford’s latest scheme threatens Greenbelt and safe drinking water: NDP’s Environmental critic

QUEEN’S PARK—NDP Environment and Sustainability critic Ian Arthur released the following statement in response to Doug Ford’s omnibus Bill 66 that sidelines important environmental protections:

“Doug Ford’s new bill will make things even worse for people — not better. He is taking us backwards by cutting rules that keep drinking water safe, and allowing Ontario’s cherished Greenbelt to be bulldozed. It’s deeply troubling that Ford has once again chosen his wealthy developer friends over Ontario families and the environment.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ford try to hand over Ontario’s protected Greenbelt to developers. Video leaked out of Ford making a secret backroom deal with developers just before the election to allow development on the protected land. When he got caught, he said he wouldn’t do it — but it looks like his favour to those developers matters more to him than his commitment to families. 

Ford’s dangerous legislation targets not only our drinking water and the Greenbelt, but rules that keep children safe in care, and ensure workers get some basic respect at work. New Democrats are analyzing the bill and its disastrous implications and will have more to say going forward.”


Download, print, and sign the petition to Stop Bill 66 here.