Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

MPP Gretzky brings concerned voices of Windsor-Essex residents to Queen's Park after yet another ambulance Code Black

Published on May 31, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Lisa Gretzky (Windsor West) pushed the government to act quickly at Queen’s Park and address the string of ambulance Code Blacks in Windsor-Essex after another one happened on Tuesday night. 

“Under this Conservative government, Code Blacks, Reds and Zeroes are becoming normal - that is not acceptable,” said Gretzky. “Ontarians deserve to have the confidence that if they have a medical emergency, they can call 911 and receive help quickly. Paramedics are burning out at an alarming rate, and this government isn’t taking necessary steps to help our crumbling health care system. Right now when a Code Black goes out, it means not a single ambulance is available for the whole region”. 

Last year, MPP Sandy Shaw (Hamilton West – Ancaster – Dundas) passed a motion at Queen’s Park to ensure the government made a commitment to end ambulance shortages. In May 2023, Essex council unanimously passed a similar motion that urged the provincial government to recognize issues facing local emergency responses and for them to urgently work to address the gaps in health care.  

“The Conservative government must honour their promise. They need to properly fund our public health care system, support frontline healthcare workers so they aren’t doing their jobs without adequate support, and ensure Code Reds, Blacks and Zeros are not the norm in Ontario,” said Gretzky. “People’s lives depend on this government doing the right thing.”  

In May, MPP Gretzky was joined in Windsor by Marit Stiles Official Opposition leader, Essex Mayor Sherry Bondy, and President of CUPE 2974 EMS James Jovanovic to advocate for solutions to end ambulance shortages in Windsor-Essex. Gretzky along with the Ontario NDP caucus will continue to push for solutions to the health care crisis in Windsor-Essex and across the province.