Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Gretzky condemns Premier Ford for refusing to testify at Emergencies Act inquiry

Published on October 28, 2022

QUEEN’S Park – Lisa Gretzky, MPP for Windsor West, says that Premier Doug Ford must be accountable for his government’s response to the Ambassador Bridge blockade.

In Question Period on Wednesday, Gretzky condemned Premier Ford for his refusal to testify at the Emergencies Act inquiry.  

“My community was in crisis from the blockade at the Ambassador Bridge, and the impact lasted for days on end,” said Gretzky. “Small businesses were forced to close because of the disruption. Nurses who travel across the border were unable to get to their jobs and provide critical care. West End residents were cut off from other parts of the city and some were afraid to leave their homes.”

When the Ambassador Bridge was blocked, billions of dollars of goods were unable to cross into Canada or the United States. Auto and manufacturing plants were forced to close, and many workers were laid off.

“Mr. Ford needs to take accountability for his government’s response to the blockade, which left Windsor in crisis. The people in Windsor deserve complete transparency from their government and an explanation. Ford’s insistence on dodging accountability makes me wonder – what is Mr. Ford hiding?”