Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

MPP Lisa Gretzky Demands Wynne Government Fix Ongoing School Bus Delays for Children and Families

Published on September 22, 2016

TORONTO — During Question Period today, Windsor West MPP, Lisa Gretzky, demanded that the Minister of Education put this school year on the right track by immediately addressing the bussing and infrastructure needs facing schools this fall.

“Parents and students began this school year with hope that things would be better, but September isn’t even over and the government is letting them down yet again. Three weeks in and thousands of students still don’t have a school bus to get them to and from school. Those that do make it to school sit in rooms that are sweltering in the summer and exceptionally cold in the winter,” said Gretzky.

Students at both public and Catholic school boards in Toronto, along with thousands of students in the Hamilton, Peel and Dufferin regions have been without bussing services or experiencing major bussing shortages this month.

“Families and education workers feel overwhelmed by an education system that is reaching a tipping point. Three weeks after the school year began, students are starting their schools days late or in some cases not starting the school day at all because there aren’t enough school buses to get them to school. The Minister says that she is ‘focused on and monitoring the situation.’ People need to see changes now. When will parents and students see the Minister step up and stop talking about the problem and start fixing it?” asked Gretzky.