Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Gretzky tables Noah and Gregory’s Law to eliminate wait times for people with developmental disabilities

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Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky has introduced a bill that would eliminate wait times for developmental disability services and ensure no one goes without the developmental supports they need.



Noah and Gregory’s Law addresses a persistent and stressful issue for those with developmental disabilities and their families. When youth with developmental disabilities turn 18, they transition from youth supports to adult supports. However many people fall through the cracks – they’re cut off youth supports on their 18th birthday and the adult support doesn’t kick in right away. MPP Gretzky's bill would ensure no one is forced to languish on a waitlist for the support they need and deserve.

Gretzky was inspired to introduce Noah and Gregory’s Law, after local autism and developmental disabilities advocates made her aware of the youth-to-adult supports waitlist issue. Both Michelle Helou’s son Noah and Mary Beth Rocheleau’s son Gregory were cut off of support and waitlisted after their 18th birthdays, causing significant physical, emotional, and financial stress for them and their families.

Gretzky’s bill will guarantee that anyone with developmental disabilities receiving youth support will continue receiving these services until their adult supports take effect. This would ensure that families and their loved ones do not have to struggle without adequate access to respite, personal support workers, day programs, and other services.

On February 21, 2019, Noah and Gregory's Law passed Second Reading in the Legislature will unanimous, all-party support. It has now been referred to the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills. 

Mary Beth Rocheleau has started a letter writing campaign, encouraging members of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills to begin study on the bill, so that it can move forward to Third Reading. You can find names and contact information for members of the Committee here.