Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Statement from Windsor-Essex NDP MPPs on Ford government announcement

Published on February 11, 2022

WINDSOR – NDP MPPs Lisa Gretzky (Windsor West), Taras Natyshak (Essex) and Percy Hatfield (Windsor—Tecumseh) released the following statement on Ford’s long overdue actions to address the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge:
“Ford has had the power all along to help Windsor-Essex and put an end to the blockade on the Ambassador Bridge. Instead he refused and withheld resources for days. In that time we’ve seen auto and manufacturing workers lose wages, and thousands of Windsor families worried about making their next mortgage payment or keeping food on the table.
Ford has let the convoy protests grow and spread across the province for over two weeks. He watched as people lost income or had to shutter their businesses. He did nothing in Ottawa or Toronto as health care workers were harassed in the streets, and in Windsor as truckers carrying food and other essential goods were stuck at the border. His inaction has had a deep impact on Windsor's economy that could have lasting repercussions.
Andrea Horwath and the NDP have been calling on the government for concrete actions such as suspending commercial operating licenses for vehicles that are breaking the law and taking part in the blockade. While Ford has been away at his cottage, we've been calling for Ford to get off the snowmobile and get to work helping people who are hurting right here in Windsor. Windsor and Ontario need that bridge to reopen immediately.”