Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

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Windsor-Essex NDP MPPs: Ford’s third wave lockdown could have been prevented

Published on April 1, 2021

WINDSOR-ESSEX – NDP MPPs Percy Hatfield, Lisa Gretzky, and Taras Natyshak are responding to the news of Ontario being locked down for another 28 days, after Ford eased restrictions too quickly and walked Windsor-Essex into the third wave. 

“Everyone saw this coming a mile away. Health experts warned this government of the rising number of cases and deadlier variants, but instead of listening to them, Ford said everything was ‘rosy’ and loosened restrictions,” said Hatfield. “Doug Ford walked us right into this lock-down. He didn’t want to invest in stronger protections and preventions in hot-zones, and now we’re all going to pay the price.”

 Gretzky says families in Windsor-Essex are not only struggling financially, they are also feeling the effects of prolonged isolation.

 “People’s mental health and well-being is suffering from being separated from their families and loved ones,” said Gretzky. “My heart goes out to everyone who has been let down and hurt by the actions of this government, including those in congregate care settings, and people who have been isolating and home, who may feel daunted by another stretch without family, friends and community. We need to get them access to essential caregivers now, and their families and loved ones much quicker — including passing my More Than A Visitor Act — because the isolation and loneliness is devastating to their health and well-being.”

 Natyshak says Doug Ford must support workers and businesses — especially with a lot of people and businesses already on the brink. 

 “Our local businesses are struggling as it is, and this government is only making it harder for them to stay alive during this pandemic. They need real, meaningful financial help to get through this pandemic, and for this government to stop implementing half measures that fall short of providing any real support,” said Natyshak. 

 “We need a comprehensive plan to vaccinate essential workers, and test in essential workplaces. We need paid time off to get vaccines, and paid sick days so workers don’t have to choose between a paycheque and staying home when they’re sick. Businesses and workers need help to get through this, and we’re going to fight for that help,” said Natyshak.