Lisa Gretzky MPP, for Windsor West

Government of Ontario

Wynne Liberals need to bring Caesar’s casino management back to bargaining table: MPP Gretzky

Published on April 24, 2018

QUEEN’S PARK – As the Caesars Windsor casino labour dispute enters its third week with over 2,300 workers on the picket line, Lisa Gretzky, Ontario NDP MPP for Windsor West, called on the premier to ensure casino management gets back to the bargaining table.

“It takes two to bargain, Speaker, and Caesars management has shown that they are anything but a willing partner in this negotiation process,” said Gretzky. “In fact, they just cancelled all programming at the casino today, up until May 19."

The casino operates in partnership with the OLG, which is an arms-length government agency. Gretzky explained that the 2,300 workers make the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue brought in by the casino possible and  that they deserve respect and a fair deal.

The dispute has had a negative impact on the community as well, with revenue losses estimated to already be in the millions and growing by the day. 

Gretzky called on the government to do its part to get Caesars to bargain in good faith.

“Workers can’t bargain with themselves. They need a partner who is also committed to reaching a fair deal. Caesars’s unwillingness to come to the table isn’t just on them; it’s on the Premier, because she’s responsible for OLG and all government-owned casinos.”

“When will the Premier do the right thing and make sure that Caesars’s management gets back to bargaining?” Gretzky asked.