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February 26, 2019

MacLeod must explain why she twisted parents words: NDP MPPs

QUEEN’S PARK — Today in question period, the NDP’s critic for Community and Social Services, Lisa Gretzky, and critic for Children and Youth Services Monique Taylor both asked Children and Social S... More
January 22, 2019

Families need answers about personal info data breach: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK—On Tuesday, Ontario NDP Community and Social Services critic Lisa Gretzky said that thousands of people collecting ODSP need answers about why their data was accidentally shared in an ... More
November 23, 2018

Ford redefining disability means vulnerable Ontarians will be turned away from ODSP benefits

QUEEN’S PARK — The Ford government has announced it’s changing how it defines a disability — a move that means many more Ontarians will be turned away when they apply for the Ontario Disability Sup... More
November 12, 2018

Ford destroys plan to move law school to Paul Martin Building

QUEEN’S PARK – In question period on Monday, Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky said the Ford government’s decision to scrap funding for the relocation of the University of Windsor’s Law School to the P... More
November 7, 2018

Ford government must consult community before old Jail sells: MPP Gretzky

WINDSOR – Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky was joined by Mary Ann Cuderman, former chairwoman of the Sandwich BIA, and former city councillor Ron Jones on Wednesday, to demand that the Ford government... More
October 30, 2018

Ford fails to consult with public on social assistance during 100-day review: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK – During question period on Tuesday, NDP Social Services critic, Lisa Gretzky, said the Ford government is making unilateral decisions on changes to social assistance after it failed t... More